Version with built-in relay. For gates, barriers and other devices with "dry contact". Mounted in a socket box.

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  • Controls the drive of the gate, barrier, and other devices with "dry contact".
  • Built-in relay.
  • Connecting to the server via Wi-Fi.
  • Reader and exit button support.
  • Offline operation without the Internet (except for control using the mobile application).
  • Square board for installation in a socket box.

How it works

The Propuskator controller is the main device responsible for the operation of the access point. The option with a relay is designed to control the drive of the gate, barrier, and other devices with a "dry contact".

The controller receives a command to open the barrier or gate:

  • from a tag reader operating under the Wiegand 26 protocol;
  • from the module for recognition of license plates;
  • from other devices.

Management is possible using the cloud access control system, as well as via the phone:

  • mobile applications 2Smart Cloud or Propuskator;
  • phone call;
  • voice commands;
  • Telegram bot.

The controller is installed in any convenient place - this model is specially designed for installation in a socket box. At the same time, you need to remember the restrictions on the length of the wire coming from the tag reader (if used) - for the device to work correctly using the Wiegand protocol, the cables should not be longer than 50 meters. The controller must also be in the area of the Wi-Fi network in which it will work.

The controller and the devices it controls also require a 12 VDC power supply. The power of the power supply is selected based on the needs of your access point.

After installing the entire set of equipment, the CPS-WR controller can be configured to control the access point using the 2Smart Cloud mobile application (manual). You can also connect it to the cloud-based ACS Propuskator (manual).

The 2Smart Cloud application allows you to control gates, doors, or wickets remotely. Cloud ACS allows you to set up schedules, add users, track activity and remotely manage many access points for organizations and offices.

Basic controller functionality

  • Setting the operating mode of the electric lock or drive - voltage in the closed state is supplied (for magnetic locks) or absent.
  • Setting the time for the lock to open in seconds.
  • Automatic locking mode with the ability to disable.
  • Enabling or disabling the exit button.
  • Sound identification when the door is unlocked with the ability to disable.
  • Setting the operating mode of the opening sensors.
  • The mode of checking the validity of the read tag format.
  • Configuring the emergency mode - all tags with any rules or only tags with full access get access.
  • Selecting automatic or manual update mode.
  • Setting the interval for updating rules from the cloud ACS.
  • Setting up notifications for the mobile app.
  • Enabling and disabling the ability to control from the mobile applications Propuskator and 2Smart Cloud.
  • Device reboot.

Device package

  • The executive device.
  • User's Manual.


  • Supply voltage 9 V ... 17 V.
  • The current when connected via Wi-Fi is up to 200 mA.
  • Relay type: NO.
  • Button: NO.
  • Opening sensors: NO.

Device Features

  • The range of work is unlimited when connected to the Internet.
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