Comprehensive Access Control System

Perfect solution for parking


Perfect solution for residential complexes

Житловий комплекс

Perfect solution for business centers

Бізнес центр

Perfect solution for restaurants


Why Propuskator

Безліч способів керування

Many control methods: from a card to a smartphone

Адміністрування в кілька кліків

Administration in a few clicks, so no ACS specialist is needed

Реєстрація в хмарний СКУД

Registration in the cloud ACS or installation of the system on the private server

Функціональний компактний контролер

Functional compact controller

More ways to access control!

Use for opening doors, gates, barrier:

  • smartphone app;
  • phone call;
  • Telegram bot;
  • voice commands;
  • access cards, NFC tags.

All ways to control devices are available out of the box.

Phone call
Зчитувач міток
mobile app call telegram bot voice control readers

Multifunctional cloud access control system with a clear interface

Master the professional capabilities of the Propuskator on your own - you don't need ACS specialists

Adding access points

  • group access points into spaces for easy management;
  • link a surveillance camera to the access point;
  • remotely manage access from the ACS admin panel or a smartphone.

User administration

  • assign tags to subjects with a few clicks;
  • set up flexible access schedules;
  • open up additional opportunities for subjects, for example, to control access points using an app or a phone call.

Access management

  • configure access in a few clicks using a simple interface;
  • specify WHOM, WHERE, and WHEN you provide access using a simple drag-and-drop constructor.

The event log

  • maximum information, including all possible ways of opening: a physical label or a smartphone;
  • export of access log events for time tracking and data analysis.

Deployment options

  • our cloud server is the easiest and fastest option;
  • your local or cloud server is an option for those who need complete control over the system.

What can be controlled?

Connect the controller “Propuskator” to any access point

Хвіртки та двері з електрозамком

Wickets and doors with electric locks

Шлагбауми та ворота

Barriers and gates

Турнікети на прохідних

Turnstiles at entry points

Types of controllers

By connection method:

  • Wi-Fi network;
  • Mobile Internet.

By form factor:

  • standard rectangular board;
  • board for installation in a socket.

By functionality:

  • with relay: gates and barriers;
  • without relay: wickets and doors with electric locks.

Work with any readers

All Wiegand readers are supported

Зчитувачі міток доступу будь-яких форматів

Readers of access tags of any formats

UHF антени для автоматизації точок проїзду

UHF antennas for automation of access points for cars

Біометричні зчитувачі відбитків пальців, сканери обличчя

Fingerprint readers, face scanners


NFC readers for using a credit card, phone, or smartwatch as a tag

Functional mobile app

Use your mobile phone as an access tag

Functional mobile app Functional mobile app

Our clients' experience

Country house owner

Installed the Propuskator on the gate in a private house and now opens it using a smartphone.

Country house owner

Installed Propuskator in a country house under construction on his own in 25 minutes.

Resident of a cottage village

Connected Propuskator for 24 users - residents of his cottage village.

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