Connect the controller “Propuskator” and control from your phone

The gate and wicket

Ворота та хвіртка

The turnstile


The front door

Вхідні двері

Control methods

The controller "Propuskator" is a variety of access control options in a single solution. Choose the best fitting for yourself!

Mobile application

The most straightforward option. Open the door, wicket, or gate with a simple tap on the smartphone.

mobile-app-way mobile app

Phone call

Use a free phone call to open the gate. Access smart features even from push-button phones or without mobile Internet.

Phone call call

Telegram bot

Manage access from the messenger. Don't get distracted from chatting with friends or reading your favorite channels.

Телеграм-бот telegram bot

Voice control

Option for those on the cutting edge of progress. Set up custom voice commands and open the gate with Siri or Google Assistant. Just like you control your smart speaker.

voice-way-EN voice control


Five minutes to set up - and the smartphone will offer to open the gate automatically every time you drive up to your house. All that remains is to confirm the execution of the scenario.

geo-location geolocation

Optionally use tags and access cards

Connect readers of any standard and use keycards or RFID antennas for access

Зчитувач міток

Credit cards

Key cards


Intercom keys

RFID tags

Remote RFID car tags

Access for your family in two clicks

Get the most out of the app

sharing for family

Share access quickly and securely:

  • set up unlimited access rights for family members;
  • leave the house and beloved pets with friends for the duration of the vacation – no need to hand over the keys before leaving;
  • grant temporary access for workers and revoke it when the work is done – don’t worry about someone leaving copies of the keys.

The future is here

Only a couple of steps left to let him into your house!


Unpack the controller


Connect equipment and power


Install the app


Pair the device


Done! Keys are no longer needed

Don’t want to mess with the installation?
We will do everything for you!

We will install the “Propuskator” controller and set up the mobile application

Our clients' experience

Country house owner

Installed the Propuskator on the gate in a private house and now opens it using a smartphone.

Country house owner

Installed Propuskator in a country house under construction on his own in 25 minutes.

Resident of a cottage village

Connected Propuskator for 24 users - residents of his cottage village.

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