Country house owner

Dmitry turned to us in search of a solution for remote control of the entrance gate. The main wish was the ease of installation, the possibility of self-configuring the system, and the minimum amount of additional equipment in the form of access cards or key fobs.

The Propuskator system perfectly meets the requirements, offering remote control via smartphone and ease of connection.

Dmitry independently connected the gate drive to the Propuskator controller at the entrance to the site. Also, he set up the remote control via smartphone for himself and his family. According to the customer, the entire installation process took about half an hour, including setting up the web interface and connecting the device to the Propuskator application.

If you need to quickly and inexpensively solve the problem of convenient access for a country house, please get in touch with us – with the help of “Propuskator,” you can solve any issues of organizing access in the shortest possible time without involving third-party specialists.

We are happy to help select equipment and place an order. Also, we offer 3 months of free test access to the Propuskator web interface for new customers.

What equipment was used:

  • Gate drive Alutech RTO-500 + Controller CPR-W.

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