Dmitry turned to us in search of a solution for building an access system in a private village. The essential requirements were:

  • the possibility of organizing access control of personnel and residents to various zones;
  • availability of detailed access statistics for each user;
  • the ability to install, configure and administer the system without the involvement of contractors;
  • deploying an access control system on a local server.

The “Propuskator” system made it possible to solve the tasks described above in full. In the village, 44 access points were installed with various controlled devices: entrance gates to the territory, barriers, garage gates, and indoor doors.

Different access points used various boards, depending on the required functionality: controllers with relays for gates and barriers, a board with a GSM module at the entrance to the territory, since Wi-Fi coverage in this place turned out to be unstable, plus controllers with Ethernet connection for garages.

Installation of controllers did not require special skills and was carried out by the customer without the involvement of third-party specialists, thanks to detailed step-by-step instructions.

To ensure complete control over the system, user data, and access statistics, Dmitry wanted to install his server. Propuskator supports working with local solutions, so this task had no problems.

The configuration of access points and the assignment of individual access rights is carried out using an intuitive web interface, which allows you to effectively manage the system without significant time and involvement of third-party specialists.

Thus, Dmitry solved several tasks on organizing access to the territory of a private village using the “Propuskator” system.

If you are looking for a solution to such problems – leave a request and we will contact you. Also, we offer 3 months of free test access to the “Propuskator” web interface for new clients.

What equipment was used:

  • Alutech CS 300 automatic gate drive + CPR-WG controller + IC WG26 readers;
  • CPR-W controllers + Alits Lock SSM electromechanical locks + ZKTeco KR100M readers;
  • CPF-WTER controllers + ASG600 garage door opener + ZKTeco KR100M and WG26 readers + Atis 805l buttons.

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