Country house owner

Andrei turned to us in search of a solution to the problem with access to the summer house. At the entrance to the territory, there are automatic gates that open with a key fob, which was constantly lost.

After the consultation, Andrey decided that connecting the “Propuskator” to control the gate using a mobile application could be a great solution.

The customer was attracted by the possibility of self-installation and ease of configuration and management. After connecting the entrance gate and testing, he also installed a second access point on the house’s front doors.

“Opening the gate via the phone was a great idea! After my wife and I appreciated how convenient it is, we installed a second lock on the front door and forgot about the constant search for keys to the summer house. Now we just open everything using the phone.”

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to solve a similar problem – try the “Propuskator ”. We are happy to help select equipment and place an order. Also, we offer 3 months of free test access to the Propuskator web interface for new customers.

What equipment was used:

  • gate drive BX-400 + Controller CPR-W;
  • electromechanical lock Atis Lock SSM + Controller CPR-W.

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